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Hey! I've made a lot of music in the last few years, and from the start I've known more than anything that it's what i want to spend my life doing. Within this subscription, I'll be putting a majority everything I've done, and everything I continue to do, available to download for all yearly supporters.

Among the content will be near all released and most unreleased works of aliases, including;

エターナル夜中幻夢 |2284|
harvest mountain flower
Several others, such as single-release aliases, and some previously anonymous pseudonyms

Currently, not every single thing planned is on here yet, but in the coming months I'll continue to add more work regularly. A considerable amount of the back-catalogue (not what bandcamp calls the "Back catalog", but just my previous work) is remastered, since it... really wasn't mastered at all to begin with.

EDIT: I've indeed been doing that! At the point in time writing this part, I've uploaded 80 releases (most of them albums!!) dated between 2015 and now.

The music here will span styles from shoegaze to mallsoft to drone to improvisational virtual-modular noise to plunderphonics to vaporwave to neoclassical to lofi dance to general ambient to IDM. There's a lot of those last two, since that's what resonates with me more than most else!


My biggest goal in this is to make enough of an income from my work to justify continuing to work on it as much as I want to. I love and adore working on music, more than words can describe, but without money I won’t be able to regularly improve/keep at it for much longer.

This last four years have been... well, honestly, it’s felt like an actual lifetime. In fact, I struggle to recall memories before 2014 as if they’re actually my own. Music is like 90% of who I am, who I've become and absolutely want to be, and without it, I’d be completely lost as a person.

No matter what, though... thank you for your support <3

Here’s what you get:

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